About Us


committed towards the community

Thandi brothers left Canada to fight for the independence of India as Ghadari Babas. They said if they did not return, then this place should be used to build a new Gurdwara. And that is what the family did.

This kind of commitment towards the community is praiseworthy. The family did not think of their own family; they thought of the Sikh community at large.


Serving the future generations

Since its inception in 1983, The Khalsa Diwan Society has met many of the needs of the new immigrant community while also teaching future generations about our struggles and dedication.

It keeps its promise to meet their religious needs, as well as their ability to gather, assist one another, and provide free food and shelter to those in need. Visitors are encouraged to visit and participate in guided tours to learn more about Sikh history.

Our Leadership

Executive Committee 2023-2025